Its virtually impossible to get your way as a designer when working at these large corporations, you reference Ryanair alot in your article. I worked for Ryanair as Head of UI for the latest rebrand. I can tell you now, that although you try your hardest to refrain from using dark patterns, the stakeholders will always have the last say in what way content and general patterns are treated.

Designers would never go out of their way to create dark patterns, as at the end of the day designers only care about the customer, its the stakeholders who care about the revenue and if they feel tricking the user into spending more money then they’ll choose that every time. Obviously, from a UX designer living in dream lands perspective, you’d put up your case and eventually win the fight and you’d have the final laugh, but in reality, these are multi multi multi dollar businesses. The stakeholders necks are on the line so they will always have the final laugh….Its a nice dream though…its a nice dream….

Product Designer // Illustrator // Dublin, Ireland //

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